Breath Analyser

Breath Analyzer

Widely used by traffic police for detecting consumption of alcohol by the driver, this Breath Analyzer is specially designed with a digital LCD display screen which facilitates for easy reading. The analyzer displays "Caution" when result is within 0.02% - 0.05% and "Danger" when result comes to be equals to or higher than 0.05%. We provide this Breath Analyzer with washable and re-useable mouth piece attachments.

Key points:

  • Digital alcohol test with audible alert
  • Quick response and resume
  • Portable and handy to use


  • Sensor type: Electrochemical (Fuel-Cell) Alcohol Sensor
  • Test Range: 0.000-2.000mg/L (0.400%B.A.C; 4.000%B.A.C 4.0oog/L)
  • Alarming level:
  • Pass level; 0.090mg/L (could be modified)
  • Fail level; 0.250mg/L (could be modified)
  • Work temperature: -10 degree C to + 50 degree C (Approx)
  • Work humidity: <95%RH (No Dews)
  • Battery: 2XAA NiMH batteries.
  • Rating capacity: 2. lAH
  • Dimension lxbxh: 122X67X31mm
  • Weight: about 120g (excluding battery)
  • Accuracy: <0.400+0.032 mg/L
  • 0.400-1.000 +8%
  • 1.000-2.000+30%

Special Features

  • Electochemical Sensor, good reliability & accuracy
  • Passive and Active testing available
  • Real time and temperature indication
  • Two level audible and visible alarm indication
  • Low battery automatic power off function
  • Low pressure and testing rejection function
  • Measurement unit and alarming level adjustable function
  • Testing record review function
  • 2000 memory records, including test time, result and types of result
  • Password management function
  • Mini blue-tooth printer connection
  • Available communication to computer
  • Short warm-up time, fast response and resume

Breath Analysers or Alcohol Sensors are devices used to sense the alcohol content in your breath similar to a common breath analyzer. These sensors are highly sensitive and have a fast response rate. The circuit is very simple and just needs one resistor. To obtain an air sample, the person should be asked to breathe, speak or blow air at the Breath Analyser. On the basis of alcohol consumption, the sensor will provide analog resistive feedback.

Features of Alcohol Sensors:

  • High sensitivity
  • Quick response time
  • Durable
  • Low cost
  • Small in size

At Gvtel Communication System, we offer wide array of Breath Analyzers designed as per the industrial norms with high-grade quality material and sophisticated technology. It is used to estimate the blood alcohol content i.e. BAC. The hand held analyser of breath has various features like LCD display, portable, battery operated and helps save yourself and property.