VHF Radio

VHF Radio

This VHF Radio has built- in bidirectional active noise cancelling which automatically reduces background noise. It operates on radio frequency range between 156.0 and 174 MHz, inclusive. Widely used summoning rescue services and communicating with bridges, harbours and marinas, these radios are hand held devices providing maximum hour battery life on a single charge. This VHF Radio is so compact that it can be carried anywhere.


  • Tough built
  • Super strong aluminum alloy chassis
  • 100% water proof


64 Channels

Organizing of work teams into different talk groups, an excellent tool for complex operations.

8-Character Alphanumeric & Icons Display

Enable users to determine the radio’s operating performance at a glance.

Crystal Clear Audio

Exceptional audio design for that added communication edge.

Extended Talktime

19 hr-talktime on low power and 14 hr-talktime on high power for greater productivity.

Battery Latch Lock Feature

Keeps the power source firmly fastened to the radio and allows continuous communication.


Gradually increases volume of paging/alert tone. Ideal for discreet office settings, and yet loud enough for noisy environments.

Dual Priority Scan

Enable users to constantly monitor and keep and update on the activities on two most commonly used communications channels so that messages will not be missed.

Voice Operated Transmission (Vox)

Provides total handsfree for maximal productivity.


  • High/Low Power
  • Tight/Normal Squelch
  • System Scan
  • Repeater/Talkaround
  • Monitor
  • Sticky Permanent monitor