Under Vehicle Search Trolley Mirror

Under Vehicle Bombs Search Trolley Mirror

  • Mirror size 2ft x 1ft
  • Also available mirror size 23x18
  • Handle bar straight for telescopic
  • Handle bar length-4ft approx
  • Movement-Roller wheels provided for free and easy movement
  • Base Tilt-suitable designed for clear view
  • Light source(optional)-Commando torch
  • Fully powder coated (Select models)

Gvtel Communication System is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Under Vehicle Bomb Search Trolley Mirrors. These mirrors are used extensively used at hotels, markets, malls, offices as well as many vehicle parking areas. The Bomb Search Trolley mirrors are used to check for any hidden items under the body of a vehicle which could explosives or deadly weapons. We have designed our under vehicle bomb search trolleys with the help of efficient professionals who specifically focused on durability, strong metal structure, easy and comfortable to use grip and high intensity mirrors. We offer these search trolley mirrors at very competitive prices and have received great feedback from our customers in terms of value for their money. We take great precautions in delivering these devices by using proper packaging to avoid any damage to the fragile glass items.

Product Advantages:

  • Long lasting life
  • Easy to use
  • Premium quality