Alinco Walkie Talkie

Alinco Walkie Talkie

Alinco has created a new 2 meter HT that sets new standards in features, convenience and easy operation. The DJ-175 sports an alphanumeric display for easy memory management. It has an ergonomic design that’s“user friendly”and the 5-watt output battery is standard. Be prepared for virtually any selective calling situation or gaining access to repeaters with 39-tone CTCSS, 104 DCS, Tone-bursts and DTMF encoding, all included at No extra costs. Best of all, DJ-175 retains the proud Alinco tradition of quality construction and excellent value.

  • Two-touch Repeater Access
  • Rugged polycarbonate body
  • Highly visible backlit alphanumeric display
  • Direct frequency input through illuminated keypad
  • 200 memories plus 1 CALL channel
  • VFO, Memory and Scan modes
  • Ultra-flexible antenna with SMA port
  • CTCSS encode+decode / 39 tones
  • DCS encode+decode / 104 codes
  • 1000,1450,1750 and 2100Hz Tone-bursts
  • Battery-drain functions avoids memory-effect
  • Ergonomic design, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Wire-cloning capability
  • 3 levels of output power (5 / 2 / 0.5W)
  • Clean, crisp and powerful 500mW Audio


General Frequency coverage:

TX 144∼147.995MHz *144∼147.995MHz
RX 136∼173.995MHz *144∼147.995MHz
TX 144∼145.995MHz *144∼145.995MHz
RX 144∼145.995MHz *144∼145.995MHz
(TFH) TX 136∼173.995MHz *150∼173.995MHz
RX 136∼173.995MHz *150∼173.995MHz
* Guaranteed range per Specifications
Mode:F3E (FM) / F2D, T/E models only
Frequency steps:5, 10, 12.5, 20, 25 & 30KHz
Memory channels:200 channels + 1 CALL channel + 1 Repeater-Access function memory
Antenna connector:50Ω unbalanced
Frequency stability:±2.5ppm
Microphone impedance : 2kΩ nominal

Power supply requirement:

  • 7.2V Battery only / External DC port is NOT available.

Current drain (Approx.) :

  • 1.5A Transmit high at 5W
  • 250mA Receive at 500mW
  • 70mA Stand-by
  • 30mA Battery save on
  • Usable temperature range:−10∼+45°C (+14∼113°F)
  • Dimensions:58(W)×107.5(H)×36.3(D) mm
  • 2.28(W)×4.23(H)×1.43(D) inches
  • Weight:Approx. 245g/ 8.7oz with EBP-72 & antenna


  • Output power (Approx.) : 5W (High)/ 2W (Middle)/ 0.5W (Low)
  • Modulation system:Variable reactance frequency modulation
  • Spurious emissions:‒60dB or less
  • Max.frequency deviation:±5KHz ±2.5KHz (Narrow band model)


  • Receive system:Double conversion superheterodyne
  • Intermediate frequencies:1st: 21.7MHz / 2nd: 450KHz
  • Sensitivity(12dB SINAD):−14dBμ (0.2μV)
  • Selectivity:−6dB: 12KHz or more /−60dB: 26KHz or less
  • −6dB: 6KHz or more / −60dB: 14KHz or less (Narrow band model)
  • Audio output power:500mW (8Ω, MAX)/400mW (8Ω, 10% THD)
  • Narrow-FM models avaiable depending on areas of distribution.

GVTEL Communication Systems specializes in supplying Alinco Walkie Talkie systems. These are integrated with varied and extensive features which enhances their demand in the market making them a hot seller. Our efficient team and quality experts supply a plethora of these sets on a large scale. These handheld communication systems are designed and manufactured under strict guidelines provided by our proficient auditors using the supreme quality of raw materials. These Wireless Walkie Talkies are compact in size, user-friendly and are light-in-weight.

Alinco Walkie Talkie systems have diverse features:

  • Extensive channel capacity
  • Good power output
  • Battery save feature
  • Alert on low battery
  • Emergency alarm
  • Busy channel update
  • Light weight

Alinco Wireless Walkie Talkie systems are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and high grade premium raw material as per the industrial norms. Moreover, our products are available at competitive prices.